Monthly Archives: June 2014

I have big boobs….sue me.


I may be going off on a feministish rant.


I am not a skinny girl. I never want to be a skinny girl. I will never give up my pasta and beer. 

Is this off-putting to some of fellow females along with members of the opposite sex? 

Of course. But the real question is do I give a fuck?

I recently posted a picture of a new dress I scored for $15 and I was so excited about it. It was loose fitting but showed off my chest. Not in a trashy way, but in a “I Am Woman, Hear me Roar” type of statement. I received a message moments later saying “You are cute the way you are. You don’t need to run around showing off your boobs for attention”.

For those of who know me well, be proud of me when I say I kept my temper. But it did get me thinking about the double standards that happen when a chubby girl wears a sexy outfit versus a thin girl.

I do not purchase my clothing from the “Tramps R Us” store. I don’t run around looking for what is going to show off the girls and impress all the boys. I wear what everyone else wears, I just have boobs. Did I get them surgically inhanced? Did I hold them up every night for seven years offering my soul to the Devil for a nice rack? Do I buy the triple padded bra just so I can get some attention from OBVIOUSLY respectful males? I was born this way. Did I get a tiny little waist? No. Did I get long lean legs? Yano… I’m a short stumpy kind of critter so I have every right to love myself and wear what I want. 

So why when girls with curves try to look cute we are slutty or desperate for attention? I have every right to wear low cut or tight shirts just as much as the next skinny bitch does. I’m not going to run around in turtlenecks and nun outfits because I’m afraid someone might question my morals. I know who I am and the people who matter and love me know I have the brains to respect myself. 

I think whatever body type you have, you should learn to love it and learn how to dress for yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people think. What matters at the end of the day is how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror. Just be you, fuck what everyone else thinks.