The Possessed PinCushion


The story of Mr. L the Hedgehog:

As some of you may remember, a while ago I made an impulse Craigslist purchase (very surprising for my usual ‘think things through’ attitude😳😜)…and I became the owner of a little hedgehog by the name of Mr. L. Before I purchased him, I was assured he was very friendly once he got used to you. And NO ONE lies on the internet so I did my “hedgehog bonding” research. I met the owner at a gas station where she quickly took the money out of my hand and shoved the cage in my arms without saying more than three words and drove away. It was a little weird but I didn’t put too much thought into it because I was already fascinated with the growling/huffing coming from the igloo. I drove him back to the trailer park while Maddie looked on in horror at her new little brother. When I got home, I immediately cleaned his cage and traded out the “Meow Mix” for a high quality, expensive cat food because my new friend would only have the best. I stuck an old shirt I had worn in his cage so he would bond with my scent as Wikepedia informed me would form a quick bond. I let him settle in for a day before I started handling but I knew he would be calmed down and ready to do fun photo shoots with little hats within the next few days. I was very mistaken. My in depth hedgehog research didn’t mention that it was possible I was getting the tiny minion of Satan. For over a month, he was handled every day and he got meaner as time went on. He would hiss/growl/spit and try to jump at my hands to stab me with his quills. He was a tiny Mexican jumping bean of pain and suffering. As stubborn as I am, it took me about a month and a half to admit I had made a big mistake. Maddie knew it from the start as she attempted to eat him daily. She would jump at him with her stub legs and snap her teeth to only hit her nose on his quills and take off yelping.
So now it was time to rehome him. I posted him on Craigslist sure that he would be a fast seller because who doesn’t want their very own hedgehog. Well it turns out anyone with common sense doesn’t want a satanpig as a pet. Another month went by as I tried to push him onto coworkers, family members, and friends. But the story of his little attitude had made the rounds and it seemed he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In a desperate moment, I considered releasing him into the trailer park but feared he would breed the TP cats and start his own little army to come for his revenge (mean ally cats with quills….yikes). So to save Great Falls from being taken over by hedgecats, I decided that I was stuck with him and to make the best of it.
Finally….the text came. Someone was interested in the ad they saw on Craigslist. I was finally going to be free of the pin cushion who was stinking up my trailer.
But who the text came from was concerning.
The ORIGINAL owner was texting me saying she was looking for a hedgehog.
It took a couple of texts for me to figure out she had no idea that she was talking to the same person she had sold Satan’s lost pet too. I pride myself on being a truthful person with good morals and I may be judged by the “do-gooders” of the world ……but this was a moment of desperation….
She asked where I had gotten my hedgehog and I replied
“a pet store in Spokane”
And then when I said he was a male, she replied
“Oh good! That’s what I was looking for”
Very interesting considering she had recently sold a “friendly” male hedgehog.

We settled on a price $50 less than what I paid for him and made plans to meet up.

I knew I couldn’t roll up in my Buick and pass him off without her remembering my car and what I looked like. So I recruited a good friend to make the pass off.
Then the issue of the cage came up. I had moved him into a bigger cage but he still had the same igloo, food dish, and water bottle he had came with. I knew that would be easily recognized during the handoff but there was no way in hell I was putting more money into this little asshole.
Luckily I had some “animal hair dye” available to disguise him (I promise you it’s very safe , he was a little jerk but I would never hurt an animal). So he was dyed from white to brown so it would be easy to prove it wasn’t the same hedgehog because hedgehogs “don’t just change color”😟.
My wonderful friend was luckily a GREAT actress so during the handoff she played the roll of an expecting mother with too many pets..but very heartbroken to be giving up her sweet baby hedgehog.
The handoff was made. My friend wiped away her tears and waved as Mr. L drove away into the sunset to his “new” life.

I don’t know if it was ever discovered that the new Hedgehog was the infamous Mr. L. I’m sure eventually the dye wore off and his feisty personality shined through.



I have big boobs….sue me.


I may be going off on a feministish rant.


I am not a skinny girl. I never want to be a skinny girl. I will never give up my pasta and beer. 

Is this off-putting to some of fellow females along with members of the opposite sex? 

Of course. But the real question is do I give a fuck?

I recently posted a picture of a new dress I scored for $15 and I was so excited about it. It was loose fitting but showed off my chest. Not in a trashy way, but in a “I Am Woman, Hear me Roar” type of statement. I received a message moments later saying “You are cute the way you are. You don’t need to run around showing off your boobs for attention”.

For those of who know me well, be proud of me when I say I kept my temper. But it did get me thinking about the double standards that happen when a chubby girl wears a sexy outfit versus a thin girl.

I do not purchase my clothing from the “Tramps R Us” store. I don’t run around looking for what is going to show off the girls and impress all the boys. I wear what everyone else wears, I just have boobs. Did I get them surgically inhanced? Did I hold them up every night for seven years offering my soul to the Devil for a nice rack? Do I buy the triple padded bra just so I can get some attention from OBVIOUSLY respectful males? I was born this way. Did I get a tiny little waist? No. Did I get long lean legs? Yano… I’m a short stumpy kind of critter so I have every right to love myself and wear what I want. 

So why when girls with curves try to look cute we are slutty or desperate for attention? I have every right to wear low cut or tight shirts just as much as the next skinny bitch does. I’m not going to run around in turtlenecks and nun outfits because I’m afraid someone might question my morals. I know who I am and the people who matter and love me know I have the brains to respect myself. 

I think whatever body type you have, you should learn to love it and learn how to dress for yourself. It doesn’t matter what other people think. What matters at the end of the day is how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror. Just be you, fuck what everyone else thinks. 


I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell


It’s not easy to let down your wall and admit your flaws. But in order to make sure other people know they aren’t alone, I’m going to give people I’m close with and not close with a glimpse inside a problem I’ve been struggling with since elementary school. 

I suffer from depression. 

I’ve had a lot of things handed to me. There are SO many people I know who have had it harder than me. This isn’t a pity post to make it seem like I’ve had a hard life or I was mistreated at any point. I’ve always had a strong support system of family and friends to keep me going and I hope they all know how grateful I am for them. 

I get sad a lot. Nothing bad has to happen to me. I don’t have to have something tragic happen. I will just wake up and just feel sad. It is the kind of sadness that makes it hard to breathe and pulls me away from things and people I love. I try to pull myself out of it but it’s something I can’t help. I don’t do it for attention or for pity. If I could change the hopeless feeling that hits me at random, I would. 

I’ve made a lot of mistakes, I’ve hurt a lot of people, and my list of regrets is longer than the things I’m proud of. I have no excuse for the things I’ve done and I’m not going to just claim “I was depressed”, but I know it had a lot to do with the situations in my life. The problem is that it’s taken me a very long time to admit that I had a problem. I spent so much of my life with a chip on my shoulder claiming nothing was wrong with me and everyone else just sucked. I could have created an easier life for myself if I just would have let go of my pride and admitted I needed help. Unfortunately, I have a stubborn streak a mile wide and decided to screw up opportunities for myself and push people who cared away. I became obsessed with self destruction and clung to the people who weren’t good for me and hurt me because I knew I didn’t deserve love in my life. 

The worst thing that depression has done to me is my need to push people away who care. I’ve ruined countless friendships by saying hurtful things to people who did nothing but offer me unconditional love and support. Those people will know who they are when they read this and I want to apologize for all the words that hurt your feelings. It was like I had no control over what was coming out of my mouth and I just wanted someone else to know how much my heart was hurting. The more friends tried to help, the more I tried to get them out of my life. I can’t understand what makes me do this. Right after I say something hurtful, I’m filled with self loathing which just makes me more bitter. I turn into a flakey, unreliable person. I hide from the world and try to pretend I like what I’m doing to myself. 

Junior high was a tough time for me. I was bullied. And I also bullied other people. I was awkward and tried way too hard to fit into a group of people I didn’t belong with. I wasn’t athletic, I wasn’t pretty, I was overweight, and struggled in school. One time I got ditched at the lunch table where I sat alone trying not to cry into my tater tot casserole, I was taken in by the group of “nerds” in my class who I had previously been so much better than.. (and class of 2011, you know I say nerds with a ridiculous amount of love in my heart for you). Seven years later and that story still brings tears to my eyes because my class brought me out of my depression, stopped my self harming, and made me okay. High school wasn’t an easy thing for me, but with the people I had surrounding me all four years I made it through. 

I went to college in Billings for my first semester. My parents tried to convince me to go to a community college, but I had to go against their advice of course. I didn’t do well there. I was just a number and that wasn’t a good thing for a student like me. I made so many friends and have amazing memories with people I will love forever. But depression hit me for the first time in a long time when finals came and I felt like I was disappointing everyone and proving the people who claimed I would fail right. I made the decision to transfer to a smaller college. The next semester I packed up my stuff and headed for Glendive, Montana. I’d like to tell you I got my shit figured out. I went to class, made a few good friends, and got through the semester. But it turns out depression and alcohol are not something you should mix. I wasn’t an alcoholic, but I used alcohol to cope with missing my friends in Billings and missing my family back home. It was the train wreck you’d expect and I have a lot of regrets of how I spent my time there. 

I headed home and got a few jobs back in my hometown for the summer. I finally was genuinely happy. I trusted everyone around me, I was with my family, I worked hard, and things were going right for me. I made the decision not to head back to school and stay in Denton. I was nice to people, I adopted a dog, I had a great cat, and I just loved my life so much. My wall was down and I had an open heart. Of course, nothing good can last forever. I made some dumb mistakes as time went on and I suffered the consequences. Instead of being mature and facing my problems, I quit my jobs and headed out to our ranch to hide. I spent a lot of my time crying and not understanding why I was so dumb to trust people who were ready to throw me under the bus and talk behind my back. I fell into one of the toughest bouts of depression I’d ever been in and completely isolated myself. My parents put up with a lot of bull shit from me because I was literally an angry bear ready to verbally attacked anyone who questioned anything I did. I went through four months of bitterness till I was offered a job. God put me through hell to bring me to some amazing people I’ve become close with through this job. I pulled out of my depression and started to see the light. I have an amazing support system of people I know I can call anytime of day to help me with whatever situation I put myself into.

I also met a lot of amazing people through Instagram this year. It’s weird to say that I met so many great people through hash tagging a picture of my cat or horse. I met so many people who made me feel like I wasn’t alone and kind things to say to me that helped my self esteem more than they know. 

I’m ready for 2014 to be an amazing year. I have plans that I’m actually going to go through with :). I have an amazing family to help push me towards my goal. I have friends who have my back and love me despite how crazy and overbearing I can get. Thank you to everyone who got through 2013 with me even though I was the most unlikeable person in the world. I love you all!! 

Chubby Girl Confessions


I. like. to. eat. 

I know everyone enjoys eating, but I’m that girl that constantly has food. Which is obviously a healthy snack like lettuce flakes or carrot sticks (har-har-har mother fucker). Actually my eating habits should have me tipping the scale at 400 pounds but the Good Lord lets me naturally stay border line chubby. And when I make a comment like that about my weight, do not think that I’m saying it to make people reassure me I’m “not fat”. I don’t say I’m fat. But when it’s all said and done, I definitely don’t fall under the skinny category. I have a big butt, big boobs, thick legs, and a waist with a little more than society considers there should be. 

Well fuck society. There is no way in hell I’m going to be altering my body to make other people happy. I like my 1/2 pound cheese burgers and fries. I like steak and potatoes. I like beer. I have accepted the fact that with my lifestyle choices I’m not going to be prancing around in a bikini anytime soon. I have that ginger blood in me so anytime I did try to get into a swimming suit I had third degree burns on my butt and stomach an hour into my “tanning” phase so that’s no problem for me. 

A re-accuring dream for me is traveling through a sea of spaghetti on a slab of lasagna.  Someone who loves pasta as much as me has as much chance at being skinny as my cat Steve does getting fresh with the Queen of England. 

My idea of healthy eating is some extra veggies in my Caesar. 

I have struggled with not being “body image positive”. I’ve tried the cheapest diet of all….self starvation…I got as far as thinking about not eating and ate an entire loaf of bread (it turns out to have an eating disorder you have to have self control). I have tried diet shakes, vitamins, cutting carbs, and one time I devoured an entire cantaloupe in 45 minutes after mis-reading a “body cleanse” manual. I put myself on an all cheese diet once in high school after someone told me cheese was healthy. Mom asked me why I had almost ate an entire block of pepper jack cheese in three days and I told her “Trying to lose a few pounds”. I’m not a person who is meant to change my lifestyle around to lose weight obviously.

So the point of all this nonsense I spewed out is to tell you that I think the key to loving yourself is to do whatever the fuck makes you happy. If having a rocking body is what makes you happy, then do it. If eating chicken wings and not jogging is what puts a smile on your face, then chow down. Be the person YOU want to be. Don’t try to change yourself to fit into society because it’s a losing game .

Thank you for reading!!


Growing Up


Life has a way of turning around awfully fast. One day you could be at the top of your game, trusting everyone, and thinking life is one big bundle of sunshine, sparkles, and giggles. And then before you know it, you are kicked down, depressed, and seriously considering becoming a full fledged hermit. I’ve had many experiences similar to that and I’m slowly starting to understand that God puts us in the those situations because he wants us to grow and be a better person. Not every single thing that happens to you is going to make sense, but there are going to be things that happen for a reason and you’re going to understand that later down the road. When it’s happening, it may seem like the end of the world, but I think if you just take a deep breath and put your trust and faith in God, it’ll lighten the load of the burden you’re dealing with. So don’t beat yourself up when you make mistakes, learn from them. If you’re getting through life without making dumb mistakes, then you’re a freak of nature. You can take a bad situation you went through or use a dumb mistake you made to help a friend (or stranger) who is headed down the same road. Learn to be kind to everyone. There is nothing that gets you down more when someone is cruel to you for no reason (to your face or behind your back..), so be a person who says nice things..does nice things.. Smile at a stranger, tell a friend how important they are to you, go out of your way to help out someone who needs its. You can’t change your past, but you can have one hell of a future if you work hard and you’re nice to people. There are going to be people who will try to knock you down no matter how nice you try to be, but let them be an example of who you don’t want to be and don’t sink to that level. I can promise you that you are going to feel better and find it easier to smile if you are using your time on earth to help people out and not bring them down. Thank you to the people who have stuck with me through my not so happy moments lately…You guys are showing me the true meaning of friendship. ❤Image

We’ve all been there



Tonight I sat down with a good guy friend and discussed how the female and male mind works when it comes to relationships…or “relationships” where they aren’t really relationships because the guy refuses to officially commit but says you are “together” without the label. I’ve been in that situation, and I’ve heard from way too many of my friends using that same damn excuse from this “really nice guy”.

Well here’s where I offend a bunch of girls or make them realize the truth . . .  That is a bunch of straight up bull shit. If a guy claims he’s REALLY into you, but isn’t ready to commit after at least a month, move the hell on. You can waste your time trying to make a guy realize that you are THE ONE who is going to tie him down, change him, or what the hell ever…. but most likely it’s going to end with you crying in your car while blaring Taylor Swift who seems to be the only one who actually understands what you’re going through.

I’m writing all of this from more than one horrible experience where the longer I put up with the bull shit of some chode guy, the more attached I became which made it ten times harder when I realized he was trying to get in the pants of more than one girl. You have to realize that the second you agree to the bull shit “no labels” theory; you are just showing you don’t have enough balls to stand up for yourself. You need to tell him straight up it is going to be the real thing or he can hit the fucking road. If this guy isn’t willing to stick around for a girl who knows what she wants and stands up for herself, he is not worth your time.

So if you are waiting for some guy to come around and realize that he really does want to date you, please stop putting yourself through it. You’re beautiful. You deserve so much better. A nice guy will come along if you let him. Don’t’ push someone who really cares about you out of your life because you want something you can’t have. You don’t need a guy like that around to put you down and lower your self-esteem. You have your family and friends to lift you up and help you realize your happiness shouldn’t revolve around whether that chode has texted you back or not.

“We accept the love we think we deserve”

Vampire Sex. Whaddup.


These are my thoughts tonight.

Yes, there is something wrong with me to answer your question when you are done reading this.


When I was young and dumber than I am now, I made the choice to read Twilight and let my silly little mind believe that they were well written books. I soon got over that phase, and decided it was all bull shit and dedicated the rest of my life to making fun of anyone who enjoyed it. But now I’m back in the vampire phase because of the television series The Vampire Diaries. Whoever is judging me right now can suck my dick because it’s amazing. It also reminded me of my solution I had to keep the vampires well fed in the Twilight series. 

Set up a used tampon box outside every public building in the town.

I’m pretty sure a lot more people in those places that roamed among the vampires would be alive right now if someone would have thought of it. 

This would also save a lot more vampires that got a stake through the heart. It’s a win-win situation. 


A loong time ago, my family and I were driving up our gravel road to our house. Our dog of 14 years, Ellie, had ran down the road to our neighbor’s house so she could run along beside us as we drove up the rest of the road. My little brother was being the usual charming creature he is decided to take this moment to scream out a message at our dog while hanging out the window as she ran beside us.


That was all fine and dandy, but the problem it was dark out and our dog was black so not very visible. So the moment Tucker decided to scream this loudly, we were driving right by our neighbors house where the guy who lived in the house was standing outside in his driveway watching us drive-by.

Mom yanked Tucker back into the vehicle, and we drove away quickly while hoping to God that our neighbor didn’t think Tucker considered him a “stupid butthole”. 

Dad had to go to the place where the guy worked the next day and explain the whole situation. Awkward turtle, fosho. 

That is my family. 


I have a new dream job. Lemmeexplain.

This summer I was watching the Miss America Pageant for some un-fucking-known reason, and I saw something that angered my greatly.

When the girls did their “special talents” which every single act consisted of singing some stupid song or dancing randomly in a skimpy outfit (I bet a lot of guys watching knew what other talents they had too, heh heh heh) . . . But on the T.V. screen, it would list random facts about the contestant performing. 

It genuinely pissed me off. 

These are some examples of the “random facts”:

“Miss Oklahoma drives a pick up”

“Miss Kentucky can speak French”

“Miss California is allergic to cats”

And then the one that pissed me off the most . . .

“Miss Iowa secretly wishes to swim with dolphins”

Da fuq bitch? I obviously have more damn personality in my pinky toe than she does in her entire tanned, perfect body. That is the most stupid “secret” I have ever heard. Everyone in the world wants to swim with dolphins. That shit does not make you unique and quirky. 

So right in that moment, I decided I wanted to be the person running the “random fact box”.

I would make up facts that people actually WANTED to read about them. 

For example:

“Miss Arizona is addicted to gay male porn”

“Miss Texas has sex with bums to make her rich dad mad”

“Miss Alaska murders seals with clubs”

“Miss Nebraska lost her virginity to her cousin” 


Bacon > People